featuring Daryl Stuermer of Genesis band – With Rhythm Method – nORA cOLLINS

   Our Inaugural 2014 Rock Be Their Voice event was nothing less than SPECTACULAR!


Rock Be Their Voice

“I’m always excited to support a good cause such as“Rock Be Their Voice.” People need to be aware of the seriousness of this violent act. This is something that affects not only individuals, but our society as a whole.”  – Daryl Stuermer

Actress and Animal Advocate Bobbie Phillips to attend Rock Be Their Voice!

Actress and Animal Advocate Bobbie Phillips to attend Rock Be Their Voice!

William Henderson

Green Bay Packer – William Henderson will attend!









Don "The Dragon" Wilson to attend!

Don “The Dragon” Wilson to attend!


Anita Hart - Austin Powers

Anita Hart will attend! She is pictured with Austin Powers









Saturday, September 13th – 2014! 

Get Ticktes!

Join our area’s top musicians Jam for charity

Downtown Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Athletic Club Grand Ballroom. Plus…….

special VIP access “Meet & Greets” in the exclusive Elephant Room.


featuring daryl stuermer of genesis

with Rhythm Method 

Special music performance by Nora Collins!

  • Special music feature
  • Local Musician and Celebrity Jam!
  • Silent Auction
  • Raffles
  • Cocktails
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • and more!

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Who Shot Rango? Would you shoot? Comments needed please? ... See MoreSee Less

Who Shot Rango? Please read the press release, watch the video and comment. We need your thoughts.. Thank you! Who shot Rango, the Gentle Rottweiler from Milwaukee? Local Veterinary Specialist Works to Change Conceal Carry Law Requiring training that would recognize the Difference between an Aggressive and a Friendly Dog Milwaukee, WI, October 12, 2015 – After a Rottweiler was brought into the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals in critical condition from a gunshot wound, Dr. Lichtenberger is asking the general public for help in getting lawmakers to rewrite the carry conceal law to include additional training that will help gun owners to distinguish between an aggressive and a friendly dog. August 22nd was a typical Saturday for the Watts family. After having family over and playing in the yard with their children, Tracy and Chris let their dog, Rango, off his leash to take him inside. Rango, a playful, gentle Rottweiler, noticed a dog across the street and ran to greet him. That’s when the Watts’ world was turned upside down. The man walking the dog pulled out a gun and shot three times. One bullet pierced through Rango. “We yelled to the man that Rango wouldn’t hurt him. He didn’t even give us time to get our dog back into the yard. He fired without considering the children standing there or the fact that we were telling him Rango was friendly,” said Mr. Watts. Near death and severely injured, Rango was rushed to the Milwaukee Emergency Centerfor Animals. He was met there by the hospital’s owner, Dr. Marla Lichtenberger. After extensive surgery, Rango survived. The Watts’, while ecstatic that their beloved pet had survived, were delivered heartbreaking news when the Milwaukee police informed them what the shooter did was completely legal. No ticket would be issued, no arrest made, and no compensation for medical bills for Rango. According to Wisconsin statute 174.01, killing, or in this case, shooting, a dog is legal if “…a person is threatened with serious bodily harm by the dog” and either “other restraining actions were tried and failed” or immediate action is necessary. “Average citizens, who are in their right to carry a firearm, receive no training on how to recognize when dog’s actions are nonthreatening. Just as people, animals have moods and temperaments that vary. The fact that a dog is simply approaching you does not mean your life is in danger. In fact, the majority of the time, you likely have no reason to worry. If concealed carry classes addressed this and provided some guidance to gun owners, many animals could be spared,” said Dr. Lichtenberger. This training and its’ effectiveness has been proven by the Milwaukee Police Department. In 2012, after threats of lawsuits, the MPD implemented sessions to teach their officers to recognize the difference between an aggressive dog versus a friendly dog running toward them. This class also offers alternatives to lethal measures such as using pepper spray. Before training, between 2000-2008 434 dogs (an average of 48 per year) were shot and killed by Milwaukee police. Since the program began, that number is down to an average of 28 per year. “Dogs are members of people’s families. They grow up with our children and protect our homes. They deserve more thought than Rango is getting,” added Lichtenberger. As of the date of this press release, the Watts’ family and other outlets have been unsuccessful in obtaining any police report on this incident. District 6 police have stated the report may not be available because the case is under investigation and referred all requests to the Open Records Department. Furthermore, an unnamed Milwaukee media outlet has revealed they have received information that the shooter might have been an off-duty police officer. Through email correspondence, the Milwaukee Police Department Open Records Department stated, “Your request was received and it will be reviewed in the order in which it was received. We are currently at a 7 week turnaround time-frame.” About The Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals Located in Greenfield, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA), a state of the art facility, is Wisconsin’s premier 24-hour vet animal hospital for critical pet emergencies and is the leading provider of veterinary surgery services. Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, DVM, DACVECC, the owner of MECA, is a highly respected and knowledgeable veterinarian critical care specialist, dedicated to critical emergency and surgical care of dogs and cats, as well as exotic animals. MECA’s patients consist of walk-in emergencies, critical animal care or emergency vet animal hospital surgical referrals. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Debra Lopez at 262-989-0604.

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